Bridge Street Surgery

Your premier healthcare destination in the heart of Richmond, Tasmania!

Nestled in the central strip of Richmond, Bridge Street Surgery stands to provide quality medical care for our community. We offer a blend of traditional values and premium medical services, making sure that every individual receives the personal care they deserve.

Your local practice in the very heart of beautiful Richmond

Location matters, especially when it comes to healthcare. Our prime position in Richmond ensures easy access for residents of Richmond and neighbouring areas. Beyond convenience, it represents our connection to the community.

Being at the heart of Richmond, we’ve become a part of daily life and the trusted healthcare partner for countless families.

Expertise meets holistic care

To Richmond, our team brings expertise and a dedication to a holistic approach for healthcare. We recognise that healthcare isn’t only about treating symptoms, but understanding the complete person—mind, body, and spirit.

At Bridge Street Surgery, we do more than treat symptoms; we care for individuals.

A Scenic Haven

Richmond, with its historic charm and scenic beauty, serves as the perfect backdrop for our practice. This tranquil environment makes every visit to Bridge Street Surgery a pleasant experience.

Whether you’re taking in the surroundings or simply appreciating the convenience of local amenities, you’ll find that Richmond adds a touch of tranquillity to your healthcare experience.

Want to become part of the team?

At Bridge Street Surgery, our strength lies in our passionate and dedicated team. Set against the backdrop of Richmond, we invite you to be part of a community that values work-life balance and holistic well-being.

If you’re a healthcare professional seeking both professional excellence and a fulfilling lifestyle for you and your family, Richmond offers the best of both worlds.

Join us, and make a significant difference in the lives of patients while experiencing a unique blend of professional challenge and the joy of a close-knit community.

Career and sessional opportunities are available for GP’s. For further details, please contact the practice manager to explore what positions are available.