Bridge Street Surgery: Celebrating Richmond’s Bicentenary!

At Bridge Street Surgery, we’re not just committed to the well-being of our patients, but we also take pride in being part of the vibrant Richmond community. As such, we’re thrilled to highlight the upcoming Richmond Bicentenary celebrations. A collaboration between the Clarence City Council, Richmond Village Fair and Events, and our cherished local community, the Bicentenary is a series of themed long ‘Weekends in the Valley’ to honour Richmond’s rich history and cultural significance.

What to look forward to

1. Bicentenary Launch (8-11 December 2023) Kick off the celebrations with a grand community parade on Bridge Street on 10 December. This event pays homage to the traditional owners and commemorates the laying of the Richmond Bridge foundation stone.

2. Richmond History Festival (18–22 January 2024) Dive deep into the past with talks, exhibitions, a collectors’ roadshow on 21 January, guided tours, and events. This weekend will shine a spotlight on Richmond, the Coal River Valley, and their pivotal role in shaping Tasmania.

3. Convict Muster – Heritage Farming Expo (9-12 February 2024) Travel back in time to explore convict ancestry, with engaging discussions, convict history-themed musical events, and a Heritage Farming Expo that highlights the invaluable contributions of convict farm workers.

4. Bicentenary of Town Proclamation (23-27 February 2024) Marvel at Richmond’s timeless architecture. The highlight will be Open House Richmond from 25-26 February, which includes exclusive events, captivating walks, informative talks, and exhibitions. All of these are presented in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Architects.

5. Fruits of the Valley (8-11 March 2024) Raise a toast to the 2024 harvest season! Experience the joyous Richmond Village Fair and join the community in a Street Party to remember.

Throughout these main events, the town will also host a plethora of complementary events, exhibitions, and performances to add to the Bicentenary festivities.

We encourage our patients, staff, and the entire community to come together and participate in these historic celebrations. Here’s to celebrating Richmond’s 200 years of rich heritage and looking forward to a future of unity, progress, and wellness!

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